2011-02-24 Michael Wallelm32: initial LM32 port import master
2011-01-25 Filippo Arcidiaconolibc: fix linker script generation for
2011-01-21 Bernhard Reutner... stdio: fix diagnostic message
2011-01-21 Carmelo Amorosobump version to 0.9.32-rc2-git
2011-01-20 Carmelo Amorosorelease 0.9.32-rc2 v0.9.32-rc2
2011-01-20 Will Newtonnptl: Fix __USER_LABEL_PREFIX__ concatenatio
2011-01-20 Will Newtonnptl: fix start_thread() for _STACK_GROWS_UP
2011-01-20 Carmelo Amorosoldso: get rid of _dl_lookup_hash
2011-01-20 Salvatore CroAdd protected symbols support for all architectures
2011-01-20 Carmelo AmorosoRevert "ldso/arm: Correct protected symbol resolution"
2011-01-20 Carmelo AmorosoRevert "ldso_sh: add support for protected symbols...
2011-01-20 Carmelo AmorosoRevert "ldso/i386: support protected symbols"
2011-01-16 Khem Rajcris: Fix build issues
2011-01-11 Roman I Khimovsyslog: fix 'everyone logs with user facility'
2011-01-11 Bernhard Reutner... __psfs_parse_spec: always use long int for %p
2011-01-06 Carmelo Amorosobuildsys: headers target should not depend on sysnum.h
2011-01-06 Carmelo Amorosobuildsys: fix make release target
2011-01-05 Carmelo Amorosonptl: get rid of the last preprocessor warning when...
2011-01-05 Bernhard Reutner... remove uClibc_ctype.h if !LOCALE
2011-01-05 Bernhard Reutner... Revert " Add header to 'all' target"
2011-01-04 Carmelo Amorosonptl: get rid of preprocessor warning when __ASSUME_TGK...
2011-01-02 Khem Rajlibc/inet/netlinkaccess.h: Use the types from kernel
2010-12-30 Austin Foxleysparc: fix linking issue with __syscall_error.c
2010-12-28 Konrad Eiselesparc: check for log double support in gcc
2010-12-23 Matt Fleminglinuxthreads: Fix compilation breakage
2010-12-22 Khem Rajlibpthread/nptl_db: Append options to LDFLAGS based...
2010-12-19 Khem Add header to 'all' target
2010-12-19 Khem Rajextra/locale/Makefile: Consider the case of building...
2010-12-18 Khem Rajsem_open.c/sem_unlink.c: Use INTUSE macro to get proper...
2010-12-18 Khem Rajnptl: If DOPIC is set then we missed a rule to generate...
2010-12-18 Khem Rajinstall_headers: Fix the header installation when using...
2010-12-17 Bernhard Reutner... bump version to 0.9.32-rc1-git
2010-12-17 Bernhard Reutner... release 0.9.32-rc1 v0.9.32-rc1
2010-12-17 Christian Bruellibm_sh: add optimised assembly implementation of lroun...
2010-12-17 Carmelo Amorosolibm_powerpc: update buildsys to use TARGET_SUBARCH
2010-12-17 Carmelo Amorosolibm_sh: Move fenv functions into sh4 sub-folder
2010-12-15 Carmelo Amorososh_fpu: Do not allow inclusion of fpu_control on not...
2010-12-14 Giuseppe Cavallarosh: fix memcpy saving/restoring FR12-FR15 registers
2010-12-09 Timo Teräsnptl: fix Unwind_Resume PLT calls
2010-12-08 Thomas Petazzonigetconf: only use specs that are available
2010-12-03 Natanael Copacreate DEVEL_PREFIX/MULTILIB_DIR dir rather than DEVEL_...
2010-12-01 Austin FoxleyConfig.sparc: remove warning about shared libs on v7
2010-12-01 Natanael Copalibc: fix strtoq
2010-12-01 Filippo Arcidiaconolibc_sh: add __tls_get_addr to static libc (SH)
2010-12-01 Carmelo AmorosoRevert "libc_tls: Do not include generic libc-tls from...
2010-11-29 Carmelo Amorosolibc_tls: Do not include generic libc-tls from arch...
2010-11-28 Carmelo Amorosolibc_utmp: Fix getutmp and getutmpx for x86_64
2010-11-24 Bernhard Reutner... Revert "ldso: silence warning about unused tls var...
2010-11-24 Bernhard Reutner... Config: default ia32 to i486
2010-11-24 Bernhard Reutner... libc: silence warning
2010-11-24 Bernhard Reutner... ldso: silence warning about unused tls var if !tls
2010-11-24 Bernhard Reutner... config_parser: hide symbols
2010-11-24 Bernhard Reutner... test: ignore some more binaries
2010-11-24 Bernhard Reutner... wchar: bug #1471: fix cornercase in mbrtowc
2010-11-24 Bernhard Reutner... buildsys: add make {,install_}startfiles
2010-11-24 Bernhard Reutner... test/math: bessel depend on XSI_MATH
2010-11-23 Philip Nyeresolv.c fails for /etc/hosts lookups
2010-11-18 Konrad EiseleDisables the automatic disable of shared library for...
2010-11-18 Austin FoxleyAdding quad float gcc intrinsic implementation for...
2010-11-11 Natanael Copantpl: fix static linking by not leaking SSP_ALL_CFLAGS
2010-11-10 Bernhard Reutner... nptl: use correct unwind header for unwind-forcedunwind
2010-11-10 Steven J. Magnanimicroblaze: build infrastructure
2010-11-10 Steven J. Magnanimicroblaze: thread support
2010-11-10 Steven J. Magnanimicroblaze: optimized memcpy/memmove
2010-11-10 Steven J. Magnanimicroblaze: misc headers
2010-11-10 Steven J. Magnanimicroblaze: kernel headers
2010-11-10 Steven J. Magnanimicroblaze: Restore soft-float
2010-11-10 Steven J. Magnanimicroblaze: vfork/clone interface
2010-11-10 Steven J. Magnanimicroblaze: syscall interface
2010-11-10 Steven J. Magnanimicroblaze: Fix crt bootstrap
2010-11-10 Steven J. Magnanimicroblaze: Fix setjmp/longjmp
2010-11-02 Denys Vlasenkoldso/include/dl-hash.h: suppress compiler warning....
2010-11-02 Denys Vlasenkoldouble_wrappers: make code less verbose via WRAPPER2...
2010-11-02 Denys Vlasenkoldouble_wrappers: remove i386-specific optimization
2010-10-31 Denys Vlasenkolibm: disable tail jump trick if __SSP_ALL__ (was using...
2010-10-31 Denys Vlasenkolibm: fix tgamma to actually do return true gamma function
2010-10-31 Denys Vlasenkolibm: improve readability of math.h; expand comments...
2010-10-31 Denys Vlasenkolibm: remove int_WRAPPER_C99 macro, add test which...
2010-10-30 Denys Vlasenkolibm: revert wrong ldouble wrapper hack "fix"
2010-10-30 Denys Vlasenkolibm: fix false positives in double tests
2010-10-30 Denys Vlasenkolibm: fix remaining failures in test-float
2010-10-30 Denys Vlasenkolibm: fix rint/scalb testcase failures
2010-10-30 Denys Vlasenkolibm: fix powf testcase failures
2010-10-30 Denys Vlasenkolibm: fix scalb testsuite failures
2010-10-30 Denys Vlasenkolibm: fix testuite failure in modf
2010-10-30 Denys Vlasenkotest/math/*: unbreak
2010-10-30 Denys Vlasenkosleep: include Linus' email in the comment
2010-10-29 Denys Vlasenkosleep: document testing result on 2.4.x kernels
2010-10-29 Denys Vlasenkosleep: add comment with test program for SIG_IGNed...
2010-10-27 Bernhard Reutner... Fix msync() redefinition for noMMU build
2010-10-27 Alexander Gordeevmips: fix errno setting after syscall
2010-10-22 Denys Vlasenko*: inline constant __sig{add,del}set and __sigismember
2010-10-22 Denys Vlasenkoremove superfluous libc_hidden_proto(memcpy) and #include
2010-10-22 Denys Vlasenkosleep: tiny code shrink
2010-10-22 Denys Vlasenkosleep: employ __USE_EXTERN_INLINES (with necessary...
2010-10-22 Denys Vlasenkosleep: check "SIGCHLD is SIG_IGN'ed" first. Saves two...
2010-10-22 Timo Teräslibm/x86: use call instead of jump for wrappers
2010-10-22 Denys Vlasenkosleep: remove commented-out code. no code changes
2010-10-21 Denys Vlasenkosleep: code shrink
2010-10-19 Denys Vlasenkovfprintf.c: reduce a chunk of #ifdef forest and remove...