lm32: initial LM32 port import
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2010-10-31 Denys Vlasenkolibm: disable tail jump trick if __SSP_ALL__ (was using...
2010-10-31 Denys Vlasenkolibm: improve readability of math.h; expand comments...
2009-09-23 Austin Foxleydoc/: typo fix
2009-09-06 Denys Vlasenkodocs/defines.txt: add a note about possibly obsolete...
2009-07-21 Denys Vlasenkos/UCLIBC_INTERNAL/_LIBC/g
2009-07-21 Denys Vlasenkocorrected typo
2009-03-16 Denis Vlasenkodocs/pthreads_hacking.txt: new file
2009-02-11 Denis Vlasenkodocs/probe_math_exception.c:
2009-02-08 Denis Vlasenkonextafterf: trying to correct FP exception handling
2008-12-28 Denis Vlasenkoremove many functions which just call __ieee754_<function>,
2008-12-27 Denis Vlasenkoctype: remove some trivial macros from ctype.h;
2008-12-25 Denis Vlasenkodocument internal_function
2008-12-22 Denis Vlasenkoadd new file to docs/
2008-12-22 Denis Vlasenkodocs/defines.txt: document _extern_inline
2008-12-15 Denis Vlasenkosigaction overhaul as described in docs/sigaction.txt
2008-12-14 Denis VlasenkoAdd proposed plan of sanitizing sigaction to docs/*
2008-12-13 Denis Vlasenkodoc snippets about defines we provide and/or use
2008-06-02 Denis VlasenkoRename HAVE_NO_SHARED to ARCH_HAS_NO_SHARED, otherwise...
2008-01-05 Mike Frysingeradd info for elf.h, ldd.c, readelf.c, and MAINTAINERS
2007-04-17 Mike Frysingermove uclibc.org out of actual source tree
2007-03-18 Mike Frysingerremove dead link as pointed out by Denis Vlasenko
2007-03-18 Mike Frysingerfix one more to use html entities rather than the ISO...
2007-03-18 Mike Frysingeruse html entities rather than the ISO 8859 version
2007-03-13 Rob LandleyBe consistent about spelling. LGPL says "License"...
2007-02-28 Eric Andersenmention the uClibc release
2007-02-21 Eric Andersenfix the date
2007-02-21 Eric Andersennote the release of uClibc
2007-01-28 Mike Frysingernote release
2007-01-28 Mike Frysingerits a new year
2006-12-13 Mike Frysingerbe more specific as to what arguments to __uClibc_main...
2006-03-01 Peter S. MazingerUpdate copyright
2006-01-24 Mike Frysingertouchup page a bit to try and be clearer about which...
2006-01-20 Mike Frysingerupdate copyright years
2006-01-19 Peter S. MazingerRemove HAVE_ELF
2006-01-19 Mike Frysingernote a few more places where glibc stores their stuff
2006-01-19 Eric AndersenSome minor updates. Looked pretty good as-is.
2006-01-19 Mike Frysingerinitial attempt at documenting how to port uClibc
2005-11-13 Eric AndersenIt was pointed out to me that uclibc.org/copyright.txt
2005-10-29 Mike Frysingeruse &amp; instead of &, tweak style, and add link for...
2005-10-29 Mike Frysingerclose <a> tags like they should be for valid html
2005-10-29 Mike Frysingeradd a charset def and update the doctype
2005-10-29 Mike Frysingeradd an entry about gnu malloc compat option
2005-10-11 Eric Andersenfix url
2005-09-21 Bernhard Reutner... - typo in documentation
2005-09-21 Eric Andersenremove redundant paragraph
2005-09-02 Eric Andersenupdate developer verbage
2005-08-28 Eric Andersenpoint to uclibc.org
2005-08-24 Mike Frysingera64l/l64a are now in uClibc, mkstemp and mktemp already...
2005-08-18 Mike Frysingerposix_memalign and posix_fadvise are in uClibc now
2005-08-17 Eric Andersenupdate the uClibc webpage
2005-08-16 Mike Frysingeradd an entry about __fputc_unlocked link errors
2005-08-15 Mike Frysingerwrite some good manpages
2005-06-03 Eric AndersenFix a broken link
2005-04-27 Paul Mundtmq_* interfaces are available in librt, remove from...
2005-03-31 Eric Andersenpoint to osuosl
2005-02-21 Eric Andersenpoint to buildroot webpage
2005-02-09 Eric Andersenfix typo
2005-02-09 Eric Andersensimplify anon url
2005-02-08 Eric Andersenordering update
2005-02-08 Eric AndersenUpdate the year
2005-02-08 Eric AndersenMention subversion and provide access info. Remove...
2005-01-18 Mike Frysingerwhitespace touchups
2005-01-17 Eric AndersenMention uclibc.org as the defalt download site
2005-01-16 Eric Andersenprevent people asking what a loose-meat sandwich is...
2005-01-14 Eric AndersenFix spelling
2005-01-13 Eric Andersenfix grammar
2005-01-13 Eric AndersenMention the new bug tracking system
2005-01-12 Eric AndersenUpdate docs for release 0_9_27
2005-01-11 Eric Andersenminor doc update
2004-12-27 Eric Andersenclarify
2004-12-27 Eric Andersenfix typo
2004-12-27 Eric AndersenUpdate FAQ, remove references to 'toolchain' and instea...
2004-11-11 Mike Frysingermove getent to extra/scripts/ out of docs/
2004-11-10 Ned Luddinitial commit of uclibc equiv of glibc getent
2004-10-18 Eric AndersenCorrent HOWTO url
2004-10-18 Eric Andersenmention scratchbox and openembedded
2004-10-08 Eric Andersenlink to uClibc++, minor FAQ updates
2004-09-08 Eric AndersenFixup URL
2004-08-26 Eric AndersenMention FunctionCheck
2004-08-21 Eric AndersenKill off all support for 'gcc -pg' / 'gprof' style...
2004-07-05 Eric AndersenUpdate FAQ a bit
2004-06-19 Eric Andersennote new mailing list posting policy
2004-05-14 Manuel Novoa III Fix changed link into the mailing list archive.
2004-04-20 Eric Andersenblah
2004-04-20 Eric AndersenFix grammar and spelling
2004-04-20 Eric AndersenMention uwoody
2004-03-06 Eric AndersenUpdate with the contents of a very helpful comparison of
2004-02-14 Eric AndersenAdd some padding on the bottom
2004-02-14 Eric AndersenUpdate FAQ a bit
2004-01-04 Eric AndersenFix paragraph seperation
2004-01-04 Eric Andersenspell 'pthread' properly
2004-01-04 Eric AndersenFix grammar 0_9_26
2004-01-04 Eric AndersenUpdate for release
2004-01-03 Eric AndersenFix up the news a bit 0_9_25
2004-01-03 Eric AndersenUpdate for release
2003-12-19 Eric Andersendev systems updated
2003-12-17 Eric AndersenAdd in the axis network cameras
2003-12-16 Eric AndersenAdd LEAF Bering-uClibc
2003-12-16 Eric Andersenfix grammer such it is possible to understand what...
2003-12-16 Eric AndersenUpdate the website