lm32: initial LM32 port import
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2004-11-11 Mike Frysingermisc touchups
2003-11-08 Eric AndersenUpdate docs in preparation for release
2003-09-09 Eric AndersenYet more trivial doc updates 0_9_21
2003-02-12 Eric AndersenMinor update regarding binutils 0_9_18
2002-11-08 Eric AndersenUpdate the docs
2002-08-30 Aaron LehmannCFLAGS+=-D__FORCE_NOGLIBC, not CFLAGS+=__FORCE_NOGLIBC
2002-06-21 Eric AndersenFix spelling
2002-06-20 Eric AndersenUpdate the README a bit
2002-04-22 Eric AndersenMinor updates.
2002-04-20 David SchleefMoved old README to INSTALL, and wrote a new README...
2002-01-09 Eric AndersenRecommend making symlinks, not copying the config file.
2001-11-21 Eric AndersenAdjust naming for __FORCE_GLIBC__ to __FORCE_GLIBC...
2001-08-10 Eric AndersenUpdate the build system, yet again. I hope this is...
2001-07-25 Manuel Novoa III Fix small typo vodz reported.
2001-07-17 David SchleefFix typo.
2001-07-12 Eric AndersenThis commit merges David Schleef's updates to the build...
2001-06-11 Manuel Novoa III Fix bug in ldso/util/Makefile introduced when Erik...
2001-05-31 Manuel Novoa III Removed INSTALL_DIR and replaced it with DEVEL_PREFIX...
2001-05-29 Manuel Novoa III Give Erik's build-with-uClibc method.
2001-05-28 Manuel Novoa III Add a _really_ basic README outlining building/using...