2010-02-13 David Brownellv4.0-rc2 milestone v0.4.0-rc2
2010-02-12 Spencer OliverSTR9xpec: issue warning when unlocking device
2010-02-12 Spencer OliverSTM32x: issue warning when unlocking device (bug #16)
2010-02-12 Øyvind Harboearm720t: virt2phys callback added
2010-02-12 Marc Pignatarm920: add virt2phys fn
2010-02-11 Viktar Palstsiuktarget library: configuration files for openocd tested...
2010-02-11 David BrownellUser's Guide: "#" in filesystems names is bad
2010-02-10 Øyvind Harboearm11: fix another infinite loop bug
2010-02-10 David BrownellUser's Guide: clarify jtag_rclk advice
2010-02-09 Øyvind Harboetarget: add todo in target_write_memory() about alignment
2010-02-09 Spencer Oliverstr730.cfg: fix incorrect mem regions
2010-02-07 David BrownellRe-title Developer's Guide
2010-02-07 David BrownellADIv5: doxygen
2010-02-05 Øyvind Harboezy1000: complete zy1000_uart to jim command switch
2010-02-04 David BrownellARMv7-M: make DAP commands verify target is an ARMv7-M
2010-02-04 David BrownellDocumentation: mention bug database
2010-02-04 David BrownellJLink: reference protocol documentation
2010-02-04 Spencer OliverCMD: duplicate cmd error msg
2010-02-04 Ethan Eadescripts: Phytec/LPC2350 config scripts
2010-02-03 Spencer OliverJTAG: fix bug when no interface connected
2010-02-02 Harald KippAT91R40008/Ethernut 3 configuration
2010-02-02 David BrownellNOR: User's Guide updates
2010-02-02 Edgar Grimbergtcl/str7x: Reset init unlocks the flash
2010-02-02 Edgar Grimbergflash/str7x: After reset init the flash is unlocked
2010-02-02 Nicolas PitreARM semihosting: fix EOF handling with SYS_READ
2010-02-01 Edgar GrimbergTest cases ran on v0.4.0-rc1
2010-02-01 Øyvind Harboegdb: restore behavior from 0.3.1 for srst_asserted...
2010-01-31 David BrownellADIv5: more messaging cleanup, docs
2010-01-31 Øyvind Harboebuild: fix problems with "struct stat" not being define...
2010-01-31 Øyvind Harboetelnet: fix strage blank spaces at beginning of telnet...
2010-01-31 David BrownellSubject: ADIv5: fix more diagnostics
2010-01-31 David BrownellADIv5 error checking for Tcl commands
2010-01-31 David BrownellARM ADIv5: fix diagnostics for block writes
2010-01-29 David BrownellADIv5: cleanup, rename swjdp_transaction_endcheck()
2010-01-29 David BrownellARMv7-M: use command handler for "dap baseaddr".
2010-01-29 David BrownellNOR: cleanup driver decls
2010-01-29 Alex AustinClang buildfixes
2010-01-28 David Brownelldoc clarifications for server flags
2010-01-28 David BrownellARM: reference DPM defn from v6/v7 arch spec
2010-01-28 Spencer OliverARM semihosting: win32 and cygwin fixes
2010-01-28 Spencer OliverARM semihosting: fix writing to stdout
2010-01-27 David BrownellCortex-M3: report lockup, and recover
2010-01-27 David BrownellARM ADIv5: messaging tweaks
2010-01-27 David BrownellCortex-A8: debug messaging tweaks
2010-01-27 David Brownellvarious: don't mention wiki
2010-01-27 David Brownellcygwin buildfix
2010-01-25 simon qianSVF: all content between parentheses is one parameter
2010-01-25 Edgar Grimbergcore arm11: Silence logs at level 3 if there is no...
2010-01-23 simon qianSVF: insert space before '(' and after ')'
2010-01-23 David BrownellEmbeddedICE - fix Feroceon/Dragonite message
2010-01-23 David BrownellNEWS updates
2010-01-23 David BrownellARM11: fix breakpoints with GDB
2010-01-22 David BrownellVarious doc/comment updates
2010-01-22 David BrownellUser's Guide secton on target hardware setup
2010-01-21 David BrownellADIv5 header cleanup (+ #defines)
2010-01-21 Øyvind Harboetarget: print reason why GDB halts
2010-01-21 Edgar Grimberginterface: Changed parport address to LPT1
2010-01-21 Edgar Grimbergtarget: Fixed format problem for mdh
2010-01-21 Øyvind Harboegdb_server: handle stepi/continue packet while target...
2010-01-21 Øyvind Harboeecos: add missing PRId8 definition
2010-01-20 Spencer OliverBUILD: remove cygwin gcc 3.4.4 build warnings
2010-01-20 David BrownellCortex-M3 vector_catch testing support
2010-01-20 David Brownellboard configs -- unique names for flash chips
2010-01-20 David Brownellgdb_server: correctly report flash sector sizes
2010-01-20 Michael Grzeschiktcl/target/at91sam3u4e.cfg: changed case in dependent...
2010-01-20 Øyvind Harboetesting: fix str710 test case now builds
2010-01-20 Øyvind Harboearm7/9: add nags upon reset about options to improve...
2010-01-20 Spencer OliverARMV7M: handle bkpt instruction on resume/step
2010-01-20 David BrownellUser's guide: mention lpc2000 checksum issue
2010-01-20 David Brownellgdb_server -- subroutinize memory map logic
2010-01-20 David Brownellgdb_server -- symbol cleanup
2010-01-19 Andreas Fritiofsonupdate win32 script search path
2010-01-19 David BrownellNOR: fix diagnostic
2010-01-19 Øyvind Harboezy1000: flush jtag buffer before changing speed
2010-01-19 Øyvind Harboezy1000: print out PCB revision upon boot
2010-01-19 Øyvind Harboeflash: add error messages upon incorrect arguments...
2010-01-18 David Brownellvsllink -- add comment
2010-01-18 Øyvind Harboecommands: allow scan_chain command to be executed durin...
2010-01-18 simon qianread target voltage first in vsllink
2010-01-16 richard veghNAND: lpc3180 crashes on LPC3250
2010-01-15 David BrownellADIv5 improved diagnostic
2010-01-15 David BrownellARM DPM: disable some nyet-ready breakpoint code
2010-01-15 David BrownellNEWS: include s3c64xx NAND driver
2010-01-14 David Brownelljtag.h whitespace/comment cleanup
2010-01-14 David BrownellARM ADIv5: add comments
2010-01-14 David BrownellARM7/ARM9: improved reset support
2010-01-14 Peter Korsgaardnand flash support for s3c64xx
2010-01-14 Laurentiu Cocanustr9x.c: remove optimization when erasing the whole...
2010-01-14 David BrownellARM7/9 minor cleanups
2010-01-14 Spencer OliverGDB: change gdb_breakpoint_override to COMMAND_ANY
2010-01-14 David BrownellUser's Guide updates
2010-01-14 David BrownellNOR: add optional "flash erase_address" sector padding
2010-01-13 David BrownellCortex-M3: improved core exception handling
2010-01-13 Øyvind Harboearm7/9: enable check that DCC downloads have been enabled
2010-01-13 Øyvind Harboearm7/9: add fn to check if dcc downloads have been...
2010-01-13 Øyvind Harboetarget: add check_reset hook
2010-01-13 Øyvind Harboegdbserver: fix typo that broke read/write watchpoint
2010-01-13 Øyvind Harboedebug: make logging of commands terser
2010-01-12 David BrownellARM: bugfix for "movt" disassembly
2010-01-11 Vladimir ZapolskiyAdded Openmoko USB JTAG interface config file.